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耀西Kohazame廚師 – 主廚, 番匠壽司

Image of Chef Yoshi Kohazame作為一個年輕的男孩在沖繩, 日本, Yoshi Kohazame spent many an evening gathered with family and friends, watching the bright orange sun setting into the crystal blue waters off the coast of his island home. 今天, it is only fitting that the restaurant he helped develop, Banshoo, should be named 日落 日文. 這裡, Yoshi的廚師 20 多年的經驗, cooking and creating sushi in some of Orlando’s finest Japanese restaurants, is rolled into every bite. 隨著海鮮的熱情, an unwavering commitment to fresh, 優質的原料和藝術表現的禮物, Chef Yoshi has created an intimate dining experience for family and friends, and a diverse menu of appetizer-sized rolls and specialty dishes worthy of the name Banshoo.