Inbound Shipments/Guest Packages

A package room is available for the receipt, holding, and delivery of packages to guests in rooms, meeting spaces, and the exhibit hall. The package room will not be available to store exhibits or large crates in an effort to bypass the organizations contracted drayage company. Convention and meeting materials should be identified with the name of the organization, meeting name and date of arrival.

Packages should be labeled as follows:

Attn. Hold for “Guest Name / Meeting Name / Arrival Date”
Rosen Centre Hotel
9840 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819-8122
Phone: (407) 996.9840

All packages will be weighed upon arrival and handling charges will be assessed to the guestroom or Master Account when they are delivered to you as detailed below:

Handling Fees (Receiving):

  • Letters, envelopes – No charge
  • Boxes, cases, pallets – $0.70 per lb
  • Storage (7 days prior to arrival) – $5.00 per box per day / $50.00 per pallet per day

Handling Fees (Shipping with own account):

  • Letters, envelopes – $5.00 per piece
  • Federal Express / UPS provided boxes, tubes – $5.00 per piece
  • Boxes, cases, booths up to 50lb – $10.00 per piece
  • Boxes, cases, booths over 50lb – $20.00 per piece
  • Pallets – $100.00 per pallet

  • Pricing will vary for any packages shipping via the Package Room courier accounts. Charges will vary depending on destination, weight, speed of delivery, etc.
  • No charge for letters and envelopes under one pound
  • Package Room Management reserves the right to REFUSE boxes which are damaged during shipping, unsafe or too large
  • Parcels are accepted (7) seven days prior to arrival. Storage charges will be applied as noted above
  • Number each box and know its contents. This helps when a specific box needs to be located immediately (i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 2)
  • Payment by credit card, room charge or master account will be due prior to delivery of any boxes.
  • No freight will be accepted after 5:00PM.
  • In order for the Hotel to best prepare for your packages receipt and delivery, we recommend that you provide your shipping tracking numbers to your Convention Services Manager for all packages sent to the Hotel prior to your conference

    Package Shipping:

    Guest package shipping is located inside the Ikon Business Center. Rosen Express offers a wide variety of package shipping services, including transporting inbound shipments sent to or outbound shipments sent from Rosen Centre Hotel; and providing a personalized Convention Pak service to help conference attendees return packages to their work place or home. Guests may use their own courier account number for shipping via FedEx, UPS or DHL. Please inform your Convention Services Manager of your package shipping needs.

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