ハリス·ローゼン - 社長 & COO

Our Company is Born… 「その背中を理解する [1974] the Middle East had essentially shut off the United States in terms of oil supply. The vast majority of hotels in Orlando were bankrupt or closed, and here I was buying a hotel in the midst of this chaos, and getting guests to stay at the hotel was very difficult. I remember I used to stand right at the entrance ramp to the hotel and literally pray that somebody would turn in and come on to our property. Just try to draw them in with my mental powers that I might have possessed. It was very difficult to do that, and so very early on after I had acquired the property for a week, I knew that standing there begging for business was not the appropriate thing to do. So I packed a little bag, got out on I-4 and said that I was going to hitch hike to New England where I knew there were dozens and dozens of motor coach operators who came to Orlando. And so we got a ride almost all the way up to New England, kept hitch-hiking until finally we got to meet with motor coach companies. I would strike a deal with the president or the chief operating officer of the company. I would ask what rate do they want to stay with us. They would say $8 または $9 または $7; I would write the rate down, the name of the company on my business card or a cocktail napkin, sign my name and that was the contract. And I probably signed 11 または 12 contracts that way. これらの人の中には、とても親切-彼らは実際に彼らのバスの中で私の次の予定に私をドライブするだろう私-ことをとても残念に感じました. だから私はヒッチハイクしませんでしたニューイングランドの周りの多くを、私は私のホテルで、これらの素晴らしい率を得ていたこれらの素晴らしいモーターコーチの男のすべてを持っていたので, そして彼らは本当にこれらのモーターコーチにニューイングランドを中心に私を示す、非常に寛大で、優雅だった. When I finished, what was probably around 5 日々, I literally had enough business to sustain us for that first year. 私は戻って-Iはヒッチハイクしませんでした、私は私の使命を達成していたこと、バックに興奮と感激飛んだ. そして真実はそれらのニューイングランドモーターコーチ事業者の多くは私たちのクライアントとして、今日のままということです. And of course they have expanded tremendously, from 1 または 2 オーランド - いくつかのバスが最大になりました 20 または 30 buses to Orlando. It was one of those quirks of faith that led me to do what I did. Clearly a ridiculous attempt to market the hotel, but at that moment the only opportunity I thought that presented itself for me to get off my chair, go to where the business was, and try to convince people to use our hotel. そしてそれは非常にうまくいった。」 フルバイオグラフィーを読む

レスリーMenichini - 販売担当副社長 & マーケティングローゼンホテル & リゾート
16 勤続年数

The Madison, Wisconsin, ネイティブは5月にローゼンホテル&リゾーツのチームに参加しました 2001 bringing with her a career’s worth of valuable experience. Building on a dream and watching it turn into a reality is what drives Leslie and what she loves about her job.

Between Orlando and Las Vegas, Leslie honed her career in the nation’s top two entertainment and meetings destinations. In Orlando, the entertainment capital of the Southeast, レスリーは、構築され、マーケティングおよび販売ローゼンシングルCreek®の前のオープニングチームを率いて 1,501 guestrooms and meeting halls. After the hotel’s successful opening in Sept. 2006, Menichiniは、セールスおよびマーケティングとセールスマネジャーの取締役ローゼンホテルズアンドリゾーツのチーム内での相乗販売機会を作成しました. この組み合わせ責任はローゼンホテル&リゾーツの副社長にレスリーの役割を拡大するために所有者ハリスローゼンを主導しました, Convention Properties. 彼女の現在のローゼンシングルCreek®の販売およびマーケティングの業務に加え、, レスリーは、ローゼンCentre®の集中化と相乗効果の努力を監督します, ローゼンPlaza®, そして、ローゼンシングルCreek®の販売およびマーケティング, staff development, and revenue management.

In the entertainment capital of the Southwest, Las Vegas, Leslie was Director of Sales for Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas, where she was instrumental in opening the landmark hotel. Her position progressed as the Executive Director and Corporate Liaison for Park Place Entertainment’s corporate sales office where she concentrated on synergizing five Las Vegas hotels within different brands which allowed her to develop the skills she uses to lead her team today.

彼女のバランスのとれた経験を完了するには, Leslie was the pre- and post-opening Director of Sales at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, カリフォルニア, completing her 10 ウェスティンと年; 前ローゼンホテル&リゾーツに彼女の動きに, served as the Assistant Director of Sales at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel.

With such a professional skillset and wisdom, Leslie would like to bottle everything that she has learned over the years so that she can preserve all her cherished life experiences! Born of the passion she has for family and friends, she has never met a stranger. Balancing life the happiness of her two sons, husband, and daughter in law, last but not least her beautiful two grandchildren. She treasures the many valued industry friends she has met along the way.

Leslie loves to invite her friends and colleagues into her home at the close of a long day and as you enter you will smell the waft of garlic cooking, hear the sounds of Italian music and the wine bottle cork popping and the patter of the feet of the very happy puppies Farley and Sheldon; once you have experience this, you’ll know you have met Leslie Menichini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and loyal partner and friend.

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フィル·Caroniaの - ゼネラルマネージャー

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トッドフラピエ - セールスディレクター & マーケティング
24 勤続年数

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