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Cost Effectiveness of Green Meetings in 2024

Planning an effective meeting can be costly. Thanks to an increase in green efforts over the last decade, it doesn’t have to be. Costs can be reduced in numerous ways when you host green meetings.

Green globe for green meetings

We can all do a little more when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. For meeting planners, it starts with your business. The first step is easier than you may think. Host your meeting at a green hotel like Rosen Centre and see how cost-effective your meetings grow to be.

Reducing the Need for Meeting Materials

All meetings have their essentials, but how much of them will go to waste following the meeting’s end? Unfortunately, a lot. Paper materials, signage, dining utensils, and even food and beverages are all necessary components of a proper meeting. They’re also easy to substitute for other eco-friendly materials.

For brand-focused signage, it’s important to shoot for designs that don’t include dates or other meeting-specific details. Go for signage containing business essentials so they can be reused at future green meetings. Not only is this less wasteful, but it reduces the need for new signage in your meeting budget.

Going Digital at Green Meetings

In this era of tech, meeting presentations using flip charts are a thing of the past. Digital presentation slides have drastically reduced the amount of paper waste generated at meetings. The need for meeting notes, however, remains the same.

Printed meeting presentation handouts are a great way to ensure attendees understand and maintain the information discussed in the meeting, but they are far from eco-friendly. Take the digital route. Upload meeting notes online and make them accessible to attendees. You can either distribute them electronically upon request or include a QR code at the end of your presentation that directs attendees to the meeting’s information online.

If paper materials are essential, try to have them printed on recycled-content paper. Print only what’s absolutely necessary.

Aim to use reusable nametag holders as opposed to the standard peel-and-stick name tags. Provide a collection box for attendees to return their reusable badges at the end of each meeting or day.

Take advantage of these tips and you’ll soon become a pro at hosting green meetings.

Utilize Local Sources at Green Meetings

Services always cost more when they come to you. If saving money is your priority, then look for local sources to reduce traveling and shipping costs.

Catered food for green meetings

When you host your green meetings at Rosen Centre, you’ll have access to an award-winning banquet and catering services on-site. Plus, we serve locally grown produce, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

You can also have your meeting materials sourced locally. If you’re hosting your green meetings in Rosen Centre, use companies in Orlando to develop your meeting materials.

Green Meetings Help You Reduce Waste

There’s no bigger waste than unused products. That goes for food, paper materials, cutlery, and more.

Rosen Centre offers eco-friendly catering and banquet options such as linen napkins, silverware, and produce from an on-site garden. Leftover food is also donated to local food banks and shelters, so no food goes to waste.

If you intend to serve coffee at your green meetings, consider providing reusable mugs for your attendees and opt for compostable wooden stirrers over plastic.

It’s important to ensure your green meetings consist of everything you need and just as important that it is not at the expense of the Earth. There are alternatives to everything, and your Florida Green Lodge Certified hotel, Rosen Centre, has all the tools you need to ensure your meetings take the green route.

Reduce Commute Costs & Stay at Rosen Centre

Green meetings at Rosen Centre

When choosing to hold your green meetings at our convention hotel, you not only receive the benefit of having an eco-friendly meeting host, but we also have outstanding accommodations on-site. Enjoy a comfortable and cozy stay at Rosen Centre, and sleep with peace of mind knowing your hotel practices a number of cost and energy-efficient conservation programs to keep our planet green.

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