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March Events at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is a dynamic venue that is rich in the arts and humanities, fostering a vibrant community of performers in the Orlando area. 

March Events at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Each month, the Center hosts a line-up of shows and musical acts ranging from comedy specials and touring Broadway productions to operas and everything in between. 

Here’s what’s coming to the Dr. Phillips Center in March 2024. 

Batman (1989) in Concert 

Comic fanatics and classical music aficionados converge at this spectacle of a show. 

An orchestral performance, much like the Batman (1989) in Concert performance at the Steinmetz Hall.

On March 9th, the Steinmetz Hall will be transformed into the city of Gotham, where The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will present Batman (1989) in Concert. 

Paying homage to the Tim Burton film through an orchestral rendition of Danny Elfman’s original score, concertgoers can enjoy the film from an entirely new perspective. 

Tickets are now on sale. We recommend not missing out on this show. 

Blippi - The Wonderful World Tour 

Everyone’s favorite children’s entertainer, Blippi, is finally coming to Orlando! 

Get ready to dance and sing along to an energetic display perfect for your little ones. 

Blippi, portrayed by Stevin John, is an educational entertainer who gained popularity on YouTube. 

Known for his vibrant orange and blue outfit, Blippi creates engaging content for young children, combining educational themes with fun activities. 

His energetic and playful approach helps kids learn about numbers, colors, and various subjects through entertaining videos that often feature visits to places like zoos, farms, and playgrounds. 

The character’s cheerful demeanor and educational focus have made Blippi a beloved figure in the realm of children’s online content. 

Blippi will be gracing the Dr. Phillips Center on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. 

Jagged Little Pill 

“Jagged Little Pill: The Musical” is a stage production inspired by Alanis Morissette’s iconic 1995 album. 

This musical, with a book written by Diablo Cody, delves into complex themes such as identity, family dynamics, and societal issues. 

Set to Morissette’s powerful music, the storyline follows a suburban family grappling with various challenges, touching on topics like gender identity, addiction, and the quest for authenticity. 

The musical, praised for its emotional depth and relevant narrative, brings Morissette’s groundbreaking album to life on stage, resonating with both fans of the original music and new audiences alike. 

This renowned show is now coming to the Dr. Phillips Center on a touring production, set to perform on recurring nights from March 19 through March 24. 

Moulin Rouge! The Musical 

Fans of showtunes are surely in for a treat with “Moulin Rouge! The Musical”. 

Happening from February 20 to March 3, this ten-time Tony Award winning musical finds its home in the City Beautiful. 

Moulin Rouge is a dazzling stage adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s acclaimed film. 

Set in the bohemian world of Montmartre, the musical weaves a tale of love, passion, and creativity. 

The show features a spectacular array of musical numbers, blending contemporary hits with classic tunes. 

Through vibrant costumes and elaborate set design, Moulin Rouge captures the essence of the iconic Parisian cabaret. 

The famous Moulin Rouge Paris cabaret that the musical is based on.

The narrative revolves around the romance between the poet Christian and the star courtesan Satine, exploring themes of desire, sacrifice, and the pursuit of artistic expression. 

With its breathtaking production values and a soundtrack that spans genres, the musical delivers a captivating and immersive experience for audiences, making it a production you won’t want to miss. 

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