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Making Your Wedding Day Extraordinary in 2023

By: Brianna Plato

From Halloween themed nuptials to ceremonies that pay homage to wizards, your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. That’s why couples are always looking for ways to make it truly unforgettable and personal to their own niche interests.

A pair of gold wedding rings special for a unique wedding day.

Couples embrace unique and captivating themes, each one promising to bring a touch of magic, enchantment, and nostalgia to their special day. Use their technique to ensure your guests will talk about your wedding for years to come.

Event planning can be tough, so we’ve compiled a list of the most bizarre and unique concepts. Maybe some of these wacky weddings can inspire your special day.

Harry Potter – A Magical Union

For Potterheads, a muggle matrimony sounds like a dream come true. Transform Rosen Centre’s wedding venue into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, complete with house banners, floating candles, and wand favors for guests. A Hogwarts letter themed invitation could get guests excited well bef0re the big day!

A Hogwarts wedding invitation to go along with a Harry Potter themed wedding.

Use potions as signature cocktails and sort your guests into their respective houses for a fun seating arrangement. Add a photo booth with wands, broomsticks, and sorting hats to create unforgettable memories.

Encourage guests to dress in their house attire to give your special day an element of immersion.

A Harry Potter theme wedding gives the phrase “your magical day” a whole new meaning.

Fire and Ice – An Unlikely Duo

Looking for ways to ignite passion and evoke a sense of awe? A crackle of fire and glimmer of ice can inspire an unforgettable ambiance.

Incorporate warm and cool hues throughout the decor, from fiery reds and oranges to icy blues and whites. The wedding space at Rosen Centre allows for mood lighting, as seen in the picture below, making this feature entirely possible.

In addition, consider incorporating fire dancers, ice sculptures, or a dual-flavored wedding cake that symbolizes the two contrasting elements coming together.

This unique theme will leave your guests in awe and create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Halloween – A Spooktacular Celebration of Love

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… black?

For couples who revel in the thrill of darkness, why not embrace the Halloween spirit and have a hauntingly romantic wedding?

This is especially perfect for weddings that happen in October. Luckily, Rosen Centre has wedding space blockings available for that month. Dates go fast, so booking sooner rather than later is most important, especially when planning a themed wedding in a specific month.

Set the mood with a spooky color scheme, elegantly designed pumpkins, and atmospheric candlelight. Encourage guests to don their most creative costumes, adding a touch of playful fun to the celebration – and making for amazing photos!

Gothic-inspired floral arrangements and Halloween-themed treats tie everything in a big black bow, perfect for a corpse bride and groom.

Roaring 20s – Timeless Elegance and Glamour

Step back in time to the dazzling era of the Roaring 20s, where Art Deco style and extravagant parties defined the decade.

Embrace the opulence with vintage-inspired decor, including sequined tablecloths, feather centerpieces, and glitzy chandeliers. (Rosen Centre’s Signature Room has impressive chandeliers.)

Guests can show up in their finest Gatsby-style attire and show off their Charleston dance skills to kick off the festivities in style. Complete the theme with a jazz band playing iconic tunes from the era.

With the help of one of Rosen Centre’s beautiful ballrooms, your wedding will transport everyone to a time of timeless elegance and glamour.

Rosen Centre Makes Your Wedding Day Possible

Your wedding day is a canvas for creativity and personal expression. By choosing a unique and captivating theme, your special day stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

However, a good theme is nothing without a reliable venue.

Rosen Centre provides a variety of wedding packages with a selection of different venues, cuisines, and other accommodations offered to ensure your magical day runs smoothly.

Whether you’re immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter, experiencing the allure of fire and ice, embracing the spookiness of Halloween, or reliving the extravagance of the Roaring 20s, your themed wedding idea will come to fruition at Rosen Centre.

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