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Offense-Defense All-American Bowl at Camping World Stadium

Offense-Defense All-American Bowl at Camping World Stadium

The Offense-Defense All-American Bowl (O-D Bowl) is the world’s largest invitation-only youth and high school football event. It has produced hundreds of alumni, including quarterback Cam Newton.

This year, the O-D Bowl will bring a weekend full of activities to Camping World Stadium in Orlando. The event goes from February 2-5, 2023.

Elite All-American Tournaments

The O-D Bowl will bring the country’s top 80 football players to Camping World Stadium.

These talented athletes will prepare for collegiate and professional sports careers through challenging competitions.

The weekend’s events include:

  • All-American Bowl
  • Team Tackle Tournament
  • 7 vs. 7 Tournament

Expert Coaching Sessions

The O-D Bowl offers world-class instruction to young football players.

Before the big game, players will go through two days of enhanced practice. The roster will be set on day one. Then, players will have an on-field training session led by top coaches of their respective positions.

Coaching expert Deano Passariello will offer position leadership training on the second evening. This session will help players develop team-building skills they can use to lead their schools to victory.

Finally, football experts will teach players how to study game film to prepare for the upcoming season.

Meetings with NCAA Recruiters

The O-D Bowl also offers a recruiting seminar to help athletes secure their futures. NCAA officials will walk players through the eligibility process and discuss finances. Presenters will meet with both players and families to answer questions. The O-D Bowl offers this event at no additional cost.

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