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5 Handiest Phone Apps to Use in Orlando Florida

By: Brianna Plato

So, you’re traveling to Orlando, Florida, a city known for its exciting attractions and endless entertainment options.

Whether you’re here to experience the thrills of its theme parks or soak in its rich culture, navigating the city efficiently with the apps on your phone is key to making the most of your vacation.

Arm holding iPhone displaying a home screen full of apps.

Thankfully, in today’s world of travel technology, there are several useful apps designed to streamline your experience and ensure a stress-free journey.

#1 SpotHero: Your Parking Solution

Let’s start with parking. Finding a spot in Orlando, especially around popular tourist destinations, can be a challenge. SpotHero is here to help.

This app allows you to locate and reserve affordable parking spots and garages in advance, saving you time and money. With SpotHero, you can rest easy knowing you have a secure parking spot waiting for you, allowing you to focus on exploring the city without worrying about parking logistics.

#2 Uber or Lyft: Convenient Transportation

Rosen Centre offers Rent-A-Car services, but maybe you want a super easy vacay and want to skip the responsibilities that come with renting a car.

One of the handiest phone apps to use in Orlando, Florida, is Uber.

If you’re not traveling by car or rental, Uber and Lyft are your go-to options for getting around Orlando hassle-free.

These ride-hailing apps offer convenient and reliable transportation at the touch of a button.

Simply input your destination, and a nearby driver will pick you up and take you where you need to go.

Whether you’re headed to the theme parks, exploring downtown Orlando, or venturing off the beaten path, Uber and Lyft ensure you reach your destination safely and comfortably.

#3 Universal and Disney Apps

No visit to Orlando would be complete without experiencing its famous theme parks.

To make the most of your time there, be sure to download the official Universal and Disney apps.

These comprehensive apps provide valuable information such as park maps, ride wait times, show schedules, dining options, and more.

You can also use them to purchase tickets, make dining reservations, and reserve spots for popular attractions.

With the Universal and Disney apps, you can maximize your theme park experience and enjoy a seamless visit from start to finish.

#4 Waze: Your Reliable Navigator

Navigating the streets of Orlando, especially with its notorious I-4, can be daunting.

That’s where Waze comes in handy.

As a traveler, you’ll appreciate Waze’s real-time updates on traffic, construction, accidents, and even speed traps.

This invaluable information allows you to plan your routes wisely, avoiding delays and minimizing travel time.

Whether you’re driving to the theme parks, exploring downtown Orlando, or taking a day trip to nearby attractions, Waze ensures a smooth and efficient ride.

#5 OneDrive: Preserve Your Memories

Don’t forget to capture those special vacation moments with your camera or smartphone.

However, storing all those photos and videos can quickly fill up your device’s storage. That’s where OneDrive comes in.

This cloud storage app allows you to upload your photos and videos to the cloud, freeing up space on your phone while keeping your memories safe and accessible.

With OneDrive, you can easily access your photos from anywhere, anytime, making it the perfect companion for documenting your Orlando vacation.

Staying at Rosen Centre

Exterior of Rosen Centre, an anchor hotel of the Orange County Convention Center.

With the help of these essential apps, navigating Orlando as a tourist has never been easier.

Between the convenience of these apps and the luxury that comes with staying at Rosen Centre, you’re on route to the perfect Orlando vacation.

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