2018 Thanksgiving Buffet at Rosen Centre®

Around Thanksgiving, we remember all the things and people we are most thankful for and spend time with our closest friends and family. Instead of spending most of the day in the kitchen, join us for a fantastic feast. Rosen Centre® offers a Thanksgiving buffet the whole family can enjoy.

Start a new tradition with a gourmet, home-cooked meal and complimentary champagne and mimosas. Last year’s menu included seasonal soups, 市場のサラダ, cheese and fresh fruits, antipasto, シーフードステーション, and traditional Thanksgiving entrees. 今年のビュッフェはさらに良いことになりそうです! ローゼンセンターの上の更新のために年間を通してここに戻ります® 感謝祭ビュッフェ.


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